Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes
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For intraoral phosphor storage plates; soft vinyl with rounded corners.  Easy to slide in the plate.  Quick tear-off opening.  Available in different sizes for different applications.  Box of 100 except for #4 which has a box of 50.

  1. Insert the phosphor plate into the barrier envelope
  2. Peel off the white adhesive strip
  3. Seal the barrier envelope
  4. Tear open the barrier envelope to eject the film or plate after use
  • Envelop Size: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Item #: BE-XXXS

Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes

Price: $9.99
3 or more: $8.99 each
5 or more: $8.49 each
10 or more: $7.99 each
20 or more: $7.09 each
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