HD 2.0 Ortho Device
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Recommended for patients wearing braces in orthodontics and Invisalign.
Bases on research for micropulse vibration to aid in pain reduction.
Wireless USB Powered
Full 1 year warranty
BONUS simulated Toothbrush attachment and case.
.Vibrations for everyone in orthodontic treatment wearing fixed braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign®. Wear it 20 minutes max per day. Helps seats aligners properly in your mouth Makes orthodontic treatment proceed more smoothly as the aligners fit better on your teeth Reduce pressure, when fitting brand new fixed braces, after each orthodontic check up, or when fitting a new aligner, helps in seating Invisalign aligner Frequency of the vibrations around 30Hz Excellent feedback response from users doctors and patients Retail price $199.99

Simple Operation 
Press the device button 
Place the device in the mouth 
10 minutes in the morning 
10 minutes in the evening 

This device can help reduce pain and pressure on your teeth when you are in orthodontic treatment. Use it for 20 minutes once you feel pain, just after an orthodontic adjustment, or after placing a new aligner in your mouth. It's a drug-free way to reduce orthodontic pain. The secret is in the vibrations. The low frequency vibrations facilitate blood flow and circulation in your mouth and jaw, which helps to increase healing and pain relief (similar to a bite therapy wafer, but better!) Works with any type of braces, fixed labial or lingual, or any type of clear aligners such as Invisalign and Clear Correct. Comfortable and easy to use, the flexible mouthpiece can be adapted to the size and shape of the your mouth. 
This device as an at-home product can be used at your convenience. 
The patients wear it after they do braces on their teeth to assist the process. Why do Viber when you don't have to. 
We don't make the claim that this device reduces treatment time but many of our patients tell us that it does.
It does not cure any disease and should be used under the supervision of your treating orthodontist/dentist.


Wireless Rechargeable Orthodontic Device      

2 Silicone mouthpieces: 1 standard for treatment and one for cleaning teeth.   
Charging port    
USB line 
UL Plug   


Charging instructions 
Put orthodontic device on the charger. 
Insert USB cable into charger core. 
Plug into power source. 
Charging for 2 hours. 
The button will flash blue when recharge is needed. 
The button won’t flash when fully charged. 
Plug is available for US Only  
12 month warranty...just send in the defective unit. 
Orders of 50 or more may require 7-14 days processing time
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HD 2.0 Ortho Device

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